Blue Cedar Print Works Venue 74

With two artists and two photographers the SAW exhibition at Blue Cedar Print Works brings a colourful and diverse selection of work together under this year’s theme of Momentum.

Regina Muller is a spiritual practitioner, as well as a photographer and records, awe-inspiring natural moments of great beauty. She experiences nature on a deep level, with the immediate intensity of the moment.  This is reflected in the work she does.  As a result she invites the viewer to connect to nature in a way to find enriching resources within it.

Kelly O’Brien –  Snapshots from daily walks find their way into imagined landscapes, mixing the representational with the abstract. Original C-print photographs on canvas, overpainted with acrylic. Acknowledging the existence of the farm animals she encounters as living beings, in the midst of industrial farming.

Anna Howie – I have a passion for photographing animals, especially horses. My work is about light, movement, beauty, relationships, and things that are a bit quirky and fun. My home is officially in the south of England, but really I’m drawn to far off places in the world where there are photographic opportunities, better weather and new experiences to be had.

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