Paul the Artist 2011 poster lowres

Paul the Artist was a Glastonbury resident who sadly died on 1st March 2011. Paul was often seen in the High Street painting the local shops and scenes and around the local area painting landscapes and monuments. Paul had a wonderful friendly persona and will be sadly missed.

Blue Cedar Cafe Art Gallery is exhibiting a retrospective of Paul the Artist’s work from Saturday, April 16th. The exhibition will run for three weeks until Thursday, May 5th. Over 50 people have come forward with paintings and drawings by Paul to create a marvelous tribute. The street scenes are organised so the viewer can in effect take a stroll around the town in Paul’s eyes. We had been planning this with Paul for later in the year, but another artist has agreed to step aside to enable this event to happen sooner.

We have given Paul’s work all of our gallery space, as we believe he was such an important figure in Glastonbury art and will hopefully continue to inspire.

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