Louise Ann May

Artist Statement

I, Louise Ann May, 24, and my partner Jaisen R Ulfsson, 24, decided to combine our own creativity and start a business. I create jewellery, soap, perfume cards and gifts and Jaisen comes up with the names and stories behind each piece. He came up with the name “Sword and Bough” inspired by the literature of Morrison. The name implied everything we wanted to portray, it is masculine and feminine, light and dark, old and new.

We now sell items of curiosity and wonder. We have a passion for all things unusual and strange. Inspired by bygone and forgotten eras as well as the unforeseen future, all blended together to try and bring our customers something unique and beautiful.
We genuinely enjoy sharing the strange little items we find on our travels, whether they are from rusty old junk yards or dusty cluttered antique shops. We want to blend these trinkets with our own unique twist to share an insight into our own world.