Glastonbury: At Times and in Places

Laurence displays a collection of 9 pieces of photography based in and around Glastonbury on a variation of Somerset Paper, Hahnemuhle Bamboo Paper, Hahnemuhle Canvas, and Archival Paper. The results are truly stunning and transport the viewer into the transfixing scene…

“My approach to my photography involves a desire to capture an essence of a sense of place, to share with others something of my relationship to that place”.

These images convey what I can experience within a few minute’s walk of my home. At particular times of the day or seasonally, the climate has aroused my interest in setting out with a camera, hoping to capture the essences of this enchanting place, to share them with others.

Glastonbury Tor, the main focus of this exposition, is an enigmatic landmark and also a place of pilgrimage to many.

The pictures fall into four main categories: Daytime, Nightime, Of the Tor, and From the Tor. This is a set of images within the seasonal cycle, yet also is focussed on particular moments within the year:

May the 1st 2009 (the day the sun rises on the ‘Michael line’) and

Solstice/Christmas 2010 (when all of the snow shots were taken)

Background and Process

From my first experiences with a pinhole camera, to my migration to a digital SLR camera, I have long been fascinated with what could be conveyed through photography and the many different ways one can approach taking and processing an image.

In the case of pinhole photography, this can be the length of exposure, size of the container, type of paper used, etc. In the case of the digital, a mixture between filters used, exposure times, the speed at the time of shooting to the paper used for printing.

This is my first exhibition and it has been quite a journey from the taking of the photograph itself to a final presentation on the wall of this gallery. From camera to the computer screen and onto paper, mounting and framing are a journey of many decisions and through this process, I realised that all the stages and decisions are an integral part of the final piece presented.

I have been supported and inspired by a number of people and I would like to thank them all for their help to enable this first exposition of my work to happen. Particular thanks to Kay, Di, Carol, Ruth, Joel, Paul, Angela and Ken.

The fully framed prices range from £90 – £230. The prices relate to the particular choice of paper medium/canvas and frame, or no frame, choice.