Hecate - Ann Lidell

We hold a series of exhibitions throughout the year featuring the work of mainly local artists but occasionally ones from further afield. Our gallery is on Silver Street in Glastonbury, but we also have our online gallery BlueCedarOnline which is one of the largest online galleries in the UK and features over 1,000 works by about 100 artists.

Our current exhibition is entitled “Goddess” and features the work of Ann Liddell and Sandra Brant, two Glastonbury based artists.

Ann Liddell trained as a dancer from age four, but after an injury turned to art. She has exhibited extensively in Bristol and London both as an artist and a contemporary furniture designer and maker. Her close relationship with Javanese culture has informed her work, bringing a synthesis of dance, meditation and painting. Living in Glastonbury has inspired a series of work based on British ancient Goddess traditions.

Sandra Brant been painting and creating since I was about 10 years old and growing up in the 60’s and 70’s surrounded by colour and patterns and the creative expression of the time influenced her more than she realised as did her first career choice of being an undertaker (not available to girls in 1976!).

A love of colour and the natural world along with geometric forms and their correspondences comes through in most of her work. Living in the Ancient Isle of Avalon (Glastonbury) for a good many years has also been a great influence. She works spontaneously, mostly in a surrealist abstract style which she terms “free flow abstract”, also landscapes, still life, Goddess art and mythic and mystical themes.

The Geometric abstracts which have many symbolic correspondences within them and act as portals for the mind to wander through to other dimensional realities are based on a grid loosely based on the golden mean and are the results of her own mind wandering off into other dimensions – bringing back a visual language through colour and shape.

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