Angela Watson

Artist & Teacher

After a 20 year career in secondary arts education running an Art Department and Arts Faculty in Bristol, Angela is now co-director of Blue Cedar Art Café Gallery in the heart of Glastonbury, Somerset.

Her love of nature, all creatures great and small, and the Somerset landscape provide a constant source of inspiration for her work.   She paints in oils and acrylics and her passion for colour has led her to develop collages using batik and photography which she then floods with light.

Her rug artworks are recycled wool blankets and other fabrics which she cuts up and hand dyes.  Growing up in the North East of England, she was surrounded by seamstresses and milliners from both sides of her family – all resourceful women – who recycled fabrics old and new.  Working with textiles is fundamental to her ancestral heritage.

card by Angela Watson £2.25 Print 12" x 12" £65She works with her creativity to support her own health… exploring her process through art and inspiring others to do the same at painting and drawing classes and workshops she runs to nurture people who want to develop their own creativity.

Angela Watson’s Lightworks

‘Kingfisher’, ‘Poppy’, ‘Magic Garden’ & ‘Woodland Deer’.

The artwork is lit by an LED edge-lit acrylic panel supplied by Glastonbury-based Glow Safe.  Each panel contains over 300 LEDs and is designed so that the light is spread evenly.  It is very energy efficient and because of the low heat output, means that artworks and glass can be placed against it without suffering damage.  The panels are under 9mm thick.

Angela Watson takes commissions if customers require a unique specification. ‘Purple Haze over Avalon’ is a recent (illumined Batik) commission created by Angela this Christmas.



Lightboxes can help SAD & winter blues

The symptoms of SAD are similar to those of ‘winter blues’ (e.g. tiredness, lack of energy, overeating, low moods, and social withdrawal) but SAD is much more severe, often seriously affecting people’s performance at work, their home life and relationships. The cause of SAD is unclear but short, dark days are the trigger. They prolong the production of melatonin, normally only released at night to help us sleep. Another factor is thought to be low serotonin levels (a feature of depression) which improves significantly in the summer and with light therapy. Indeed, many SAD sufferers have found that bright lights can make a real difference in their life.

Angela Watson’s Lightworks combine decorative Artwork with LED Lightboxes. This ensures that the Artwork is a ‘dual-purpose Art piece’, providing stunning decoration to any room or wall whether illuminated or not. There are currently four Lightworks in the series:

  • ‘Poppy’ (illuminated batik)
  • ‘Magic Garden’ (illuminated batik)
  • ‘Kingfisher’ (illuminated batik)
  • ‘Woodland Deer’ (illuminated Giclee print from an acrylic painting)

All retail at £250 each.


Blog By Bella ‘Happenings at Farleigh Wood’ – Artist from Bath, Somerset.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


I had to pick Ellen up from Pylle today so I made a detour afterward to Glastonbury; mainly with the intention of seeing the Blue Cedar Art Cafe in the High Street after seeing it here on Blogger and following on Twitter.  I am pleased we did as we met Angela who runs the gallery.  She is a teacher, artist and entrepreneur and I loved the combination of good food at the cafe being brought through to the gallery where we could sit and eat surrounded by art. We had a chat and like many of the Glastonbury folk, she was really nice; open and friendly – a real tonic.

We had a chat over potato wedges and tea whilst I admired her beautiful work.  Here is a picture of her from the web site.  It is possible to see when something has been created with love and the light-box creations were full of fun which (excuse the pun) shone through.  Each picture took on a different look when the back light is turned off so it is a case of getting two for the price of one!  These exceptional works together with her paintings of the Torr and some geese lit the gallery up.  (Literally).

One of the light box creations.


To view artwork for sale please click HERE