A  Series of Journeys Exhibition – Saturday 7th January – Thursday 2nd February 2012

Happy New Year to all, and Welcome to 2012! Wishing everybody well in their individual JOURNEYS as we celebrate some local talented artists ‘series of journeys here at Blue Cedar Art Cafe Gallery. Whether your preferred medium is oil, acrylic, collage, sculpture of wood or stone.. there is something for everyone! Come and take a look!



Mark Kelly is a local artist and musician living in Glastonbury. Mark is influenced by post-impressionists, Van Gogh and Gauguin, and creates ‘ A Series Of Journeys’ in his paintings on display.. it is his collection that inspired the name of the Exhibition.



Mike Grevatte lives and works in Glastonbury as a professional sculptor, producing work that is both figurative and abstract. Mike also produces carved and painted wood reliefs, inspired by Indian tantric art. They are based on the individual’s journey through life and the qualities /experience of the surrounding universe.




Julia Still lives in Glastonbury and is the founder of ‘Journeyart’. Julia creates metaphysical collages and her ethos is:      ” Journeyart is dedicated to sacred travels of all kinds and finds its inspiration from my heart and soul, from life experiences, my dear body and vision and, finally, from this amazing home called Earth and every one of her creations”.




Neville Hill moved to Glastonbury two and a half years ago. Neville has painted in oils for 30 years…

“My inspiration for my work lies within all elements of nature and from walking the land”.

Neville’s paintings feature birds in flight, American Indian walking, spirit, and paths, each telling a story of a journey taken.