Two Views by Mark Kelly and Lee Smith

To be held this Friday 3rd June 2016
6pm till 8pm
at Blue Cedar Print Works
3 Silver Street, Glastonbury BA6 8BS

Music by Mark Kelly

Two talented Glastonbury artists Lee Smith and Mark Kelly. These local artists present their view of Glastonbury from two different perspectives through their art.

The art both Mark and Lee create are two very different styles but are linked through the use of a similar colour pallet, come along to Blue Cedar Print Works for an evening of amazing art and music and see what we mean by the similarities in their art.

Exhibition open from 4th June till 28th June 11am – 5pm Monday to Saturday



Mark was born in 1958 and grew up in Singapore. On returning to England he attended Dartington College of Arts. He’s art influences are post-impressionists, Van Gogh and Gauguin. Mark moved to Glastonbury in 1996. Where he continues to create his wonderful artworks and also regularly sings & plays guitar.

See Mark’s art here:- Mark Kelly









Lee’s influences are varied, however, he has a very strong respect for classic painters from 1300 AD onwards, especially, Turner, Van Gogh, and German expressionists. Then, of course, contemporary artist/painters yet to be discovered.
Lee says “Everyone is an artist if they are passionate about their job or whatever it is they do. Painting is the passion/job i have chosen for my life. I have no particular political, intellectual or spiritual intentions in my work. It is solely instinctive expression. I paint what I see and feel.”Lee Smith was born in Coventry in 1972 and currently lives in Glastonbury.

See Lee’s art here:- Lee Smith