Gary King

Gary King

Gary King was born in Plymouth, Devon in 1976. He spent his childhood growing up in the Street and Glastonbury area, and now lives in Evercreech along with his wife and son.

The West Country means a lot to Gary, an area that he finds comforting, and one which can be seen to have great influence on his stone works. Taking inspiration from the scenic coastlines, traditional rural pastimes and curious country folk, Gary’s stoneworks can be said to be an interesting mix of both contemporary and rustic.

Gary has worked as a stonemason for a number of years during which time he has worked on numerous projects and he has gained an invaluable knowledge of traditional stonemasonry and stone carving.

With his positive and communicative stone sculptures viewers are invited to observe Gary’s thoughts, emotions and ideas as solid form.

“Long summer days, short winter days, childhood, holidays, travels to foreign lands, good and bad times spent with family and friends, memorable highs and lows of my own life all lie behind these sculptures” Gary King