Mike Grevatte


Michael Grevatte was born in 1943, Nkana, Northern Rhodesia, however lives and works in Glastonbury, Somerset.

He has been working as a proffessional sculptor for the last 35 years, having trained at Leicester Polytechnic & Oxford.

Over that period Michaael has produced much work, both figurative and abstract.

Michael has produced many public commissions in stone and bronze for local authorities, as well as exhibiting widely and completing private commissions for houses and gardens.

“I started working on these carved and painted wood reliefs about 25 years ago, being inspired by indian tantric art. This work has evolved over the years but still retains the strong imagery and bold colours of the originals.

The pieces are still to do with the individuals journey through life and the qualities  & experience of the surrounding universe. The balance and interaction of form and colour are also very important in the work. The reliefs are carved from english hardwoods from various sources – offcuts from local sawmills, sections of hollow trees and timber from old buildings. They are painted in oil paint and then sanded down to reveal the marks left by the carving process.

There are also some abstract stone and wood carvings being shown, mainly ideas for larger work.