Vanda Lloyd



I am a poet and writer and love walking on the land.  I have self-published two poetry books—’Avalon Dreaming’ and ‘Avalon Journeying’ and a sabbat calendar for 2010/11 ‘Avalon Reflecting’.


I also have a booklet ‘The Goddess Temple and Ceremonies at the Goddess Hall’ published by the Goddess Temple.   I have written articles for various magazines and write for The Oracle in Glastonbury at present.   I hold seasonal poetry circles in the Goddess Temple 8 times a year.


I take photographs of the land and elements and have recently exhibited at the Emergence exhibition in Glastonbury.  My photographs can currently be seen at La Terre in Glastonbury.


I have worked with Gwenolye for 18 months and together we have created a deck of guidance/oracle cards ‘Nothing is as it seems’.


I am a Priestess of Avalon and the Goddess.  I am also a member of the Bards of Ynis Witrin and entered the Bardic Trials in Glastonbury 2010 and 2011.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a circle of nine

Nine dancing maidens upon the floor

Nine merry maidens to open the door

Nine witches to help you fly

Feel love, laugher and make you cry

Nine beautiful women dancing around

Golden footsteps on forest ground

Red of wisdom and white of sage

Nine women now trapped in a stone cage

Nine standing stones upon the ground

Beautiful nine no longer dance around

Feet trapped now on the forest floor

Nine women crying, release them once more

For the stones can be turned with time

Back to the witches dancing as nine

Release the magic, release the fear

Circle of nine can dance this year

Nine merry maidens dancing around

See them now on the forest ground

  • Vanda MaryPele Nimue Lloyd