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By Mano MannazMano Mannaz By Mano Mannaz

MANO MANNAZ‘Avalon’s Loom of Becoming’ – Paintings and Poems


Mano Mannaz is an artist / poet /writer living in Glastonbury.

Her work is deeply influenced by the Legacy of Avalon’s ancient past; the landscape’s mysterious Spirit of Place which communicates from ‘behind the Veil’.

This Legacy is an active mythic resonance and spiritual treasure which includes the ancient wisdom of the Druids, the teachings of the First Church and the Mysteries of the Holy Grail.

These Paintings and Poems have been channelled as a series of coded messages from this Legacy. As they are contemplated, the viewer may experience a converging of symbolism which combines to create a personal message or spiritual insight.

Mano is currently working on collating the whole series of these Paintings and Poems into an Avalon Grail Quest Oracle; a booklet and set of images as cards which are specifically designed to support and guide the Seeker’s Journey of Awakening.

……A timeless exploration into words and images……


Mano Mannaz is a self-taught poet, artist and writer. Her work has been deeply influenced by the ‘living treasure’ of Glastonbury’s history, the Spirit of Place which includes Avalon’s connection with the Mythology of the Holy Grail and the Poetic Realms of the Druid Bards.


Taking inspiration from the Aquarian Phoenix in the Glastonbury Zodiac, this group of 10 paintings and Poems develops the theme of interacting with Avalon’s Spirit of Place as a part of the personal Grail Quest. The paintings are in Acrylic/Mixed Media with texture and layers of colour which are intended to communicate the luminosity of the spiritual energies in the Sacred Landscape.


The complete Series of 36 Images and Poems has been created as a system of spiritual divination and guidance; an Avalon Grail Quest Oracle. Each combination of Image and Poem offers a spiritual message or communication received from the Bardic Realms. The essence of these Messages communicates the Spiritual Empowerments of the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) in their relationship to the Astrological Signs of the Zodiac.


The first Exhibition of Mano’s work was called “Dragon Dancer” (March 2009). She has also written Fulfilling the Prophesy, an account of the extraordinary History of Glastonbury Abbey.


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PAINTINGS – Titles and Prices

Blue Moon Re-Enchantment     £200

Phoenix of Avalon   £200

Isis, Osiris and Horus   £90

Chrysalis   £300

Angel in the ‘Vesica’ Yew Tree    £90

Tides of the Moon    £90

Tor Moon Veils   £80

Weaving Your Path     £200

Tor Sun Gate    £90

Fire Gate    £150