Susie Needham – Photographer

Susie Needham

The Pencil of Nature is the term coined, and the title of a book, by 19th century polymath William Henry Fox Talbot to describe his invention, photography. Using just sunlight and photo-sensitised paper he found he could make accurate representations of the world around him, something he felt he singularly failed at as an aspiring artist. The product of this process became known as photograms, photographic images made without a camera, and it is the medium used by Susie Needham in her fine art work.

Susie Needham finds images using a pin-hole camera to record new and unexpected viewpoints and the development of cameraless photography has become a special interest for her over the last 10 years.

In brown frames
“Avena Sativa” Sunprint £350.00
“Peacock feathers” Sunprint £350.00
“Allium” Sunprint £350.00
“Bottlebrush tree” Sunprint £350.00
Floated in white frame
“Foxglove” Sunprint £375.00
“Fennel” Sunprint £375.00
“Meadowsweet” Sunprint £375.00
“Vervain” Sunprint £375.00
Large Herbfield prints in white frames
“Miller’s Carpet” – James Miller in potting shed Sunprint £495.00
“Avena Sativa” sowing and hoeing Sunprint £495.00
“Court Farm Herbgrowers” Sunprint £495.00
“Feverfew” Sunprint £495.00