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As an artist living and working in the south west of England, I am inspired by the architecture of old and new, I am particularly fascinated with the way in which the aura of the moon illuminates the night and picks out the more interesting features of English architecture. Artist - Paula Lundy

The moon has now become a very prominent focal point in many of my paintings, I have always been intrigued by the folklore surrounding the moon. Ancient civilizations believed the moon to be made of silver and to be associated with dreams and the imagination; it is for this reason that I always use real silver to create the moons in my pictures.

I often dream about the next scene I am going to paint, and as it is now scientifically proven that the moon affects our moods and creativity I wonder if it too has power to influence our dreams.

I love to work with texture, Combing heavy texture with strong visual metallics and experimenting with an ever expanding array of materials such as: acrylics, lead, silver, plaster, clay, inks, resins, glass, metallic pigments, bitumen, rubber, sand and aluminium.

The colours I use are the black, white and grey tones typical of a moonlit scene but with a twist of silver and pewter.

I continue to use the same impasto style in all of my work.

During my teenage years I was intrigued by the occult and esoterics, the esoteric teaching that there is another world behind or underlying our physical world is an idea I can relate to while creating my art. Adding layer upon layer and then, in one moment, it all comes together to produce the image that was once in my imagination, now in physical reality.

Artist - Paula Lundy ( While i sleep )

By Paula Lundy








While I sleep by Paula Lundy

Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity
Width: 40.00″
Height: 30.00″
x 1.60″ deep
Media: acrylic
Surface: deep edge canvas

My first portrait since I left Art College 16 years ago, ‘While I sleep’ explores the sleep state and in particular the soul or astral body, that can leave the physical world and body behind to travel to non-physical dimensions. Acrylic and texture paste on canvas with a real silver leaf moon, glittering through a large Gothic arch window.


Paula Lundy is a professional contemporary artist living and working in the south west of England.

After studying for seven years and experimenting for fifteen, with a vast array of painting styles and mediums, Paula has finally found her unparalleled personification of self expression. The result of which is an amalgamation of paint and sculpture on canvas.

When you gaze into a piece of art you are doing more than just looking at an individual’s (the artist) perspective of reality, you are absorbing the emotional content of the art and merging your emotional state with that of the artist.
On a very deep level, profound art has the power to transmit feelings, the same free flowing emotions of playfulness, irony and paradigm shifting states can and will be experienced by you as you continue to gaze.
For art is a medium of emotional expression and as the saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words”.

Paula’s unique style comes from her passion for combining heavy texture with strong visual metallics. Her work stems from a love of sculpture, painting and an ever expanding array of materials. Her work is not something that could ever be copied. Distinctive in appearance and textured form, her art has some very strange but compelling effects on its admirers;
it actually compels the viewer to reach out and touch the piece! An amusing side effect of her highly recognizable style, yet even more of a testament to its power to transfix and absorb you.

Paula’s artwork titled ‘city’ is featured on’s £1000 gift voucher.

Paula has recently been asked to donate a piece of art to the Princes trust along with 34 other renowned UK artists, details are as follows:

An Evening of Art
The Prince’s Trust in the South West is delighted to be holding its inaugural Evening of Art at the prestigious Assembly Rooms in Bath on Wednesday 7th December 2011.

The event aims to raise a minimum of £50,000 by auctioning 30 outstanding pieces of art. All money raised will go towards helping disadvantaged young people in the region move into work, education or training.

Works have been generously donated by Ben Dearnley, HRH The Prince of Wales, Anita Klein, Quentin Blake, Ken Howard, Sir Peter Blake, Robin Eckardt, Nick Park, Rob Ryan, Rupert Grint, Annie Ovenden, Diana Armfield, Paula Lundy and many more.

Date: 7th December 2011

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Location: The Assembly Rooms, Bennett Street, Bath BA1 2QH

For more details and information on how to book a place, or how to bid on any of the items ahead of the event, please contact Beth Sutherland at The Prince’s Trust: 0117 943 4948.

Click this link to download the auction catalogue

Paula Lundy our featured artist during our Spirit of Christmas Exhibition here at Blue Cedar has sold one of her pieces for over £3,000 at an auction.. big congratulations to her 🙂 ~♥~ we have two of her pieces here until 5th January ‘While i Sleep & As The Crow Flies’. Come and take a look in the gallery or online at