This website is dedicated to celebrating the God in all His aspects.

The artwork featured here is my original work.

Each painting depicts my personal interpretation of some of the many forms of the God, and represent my own celebrations of Divine masculinity.

The text accompanying each illustration is intended as a brief introduction to each God, and is in no way meant to be interpreted as definitive.  I will be publishing more in-depth analyses of the Gods and the Wheel of the Year festivals in the blog attached to this site over the coming months.

Most of all this website is for those who work with God energy during ritual, who call upon the God in their daily life, and for all those who appreciate the beauty of the Divine male form.

Blessed Be.

Lynn Bastian, Ostara 2011.


In hebrew, Michael’s name means ” He who is like God”.
He is sometimes referred to as the Archangel of the sun, as his element is fire. He is a shining Archangel, who radiates the glory of God into the world.
Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition all hold Michael in the highest esteem. In the Book of Enoch, He is acknowledged as patient and merciful, and a bringer of justice.
The Book of Revelation tells of the war in heaven, when Michael and his angels fought Satan in the guise of a dragon and cast him out of Heaven. Traditionally, therefore, Michael is shown standing over a dragon or serpent.

Michael is a warrior, he is called upon when courage and protection is needed. He is the patron saint of policemen and the armed forces.

Michael is also the Archangel who leads the departed to heaven, and he is depicted carrying scales with which to weigh the souls of the dead.


From the Latin words “lucem ferre”, meaning “Light Bearer”, which is used as a name for Venus when it appears as the Morning Star.

The word Lucifer is often used for the Devil, though that name is not applied to him in the New Testament.

This arises from a translation of Isiah in which a Babylonian King, whose title is the Day Star, is said to have fallen from the heavens.

Modern day Occultists identify Lucifer the Light Bearer with Lumiel, the Archangel of Light, and he is acknowledged as one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell, associated with the East, and known as the “Bringer of Light, the Morning Star, Intellectualism and Enlightenment.


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