Future Exhibitions

“Spontaneous Colour-Blast” Art Exhibition by Ian Perry!

OCTOBER 26th 2019 - 24th DECEMBER 2019.

"Spontaneous Colour-Blast" Art Exhibition by Ian Perry!

“An Artist. A Musician. A man whose Spontaneous Colour-blasts surge with euphoric piety and grace. Perhaps it is the wit of song or a deep, underlying polyphony of existential wonder, or a gas-like thing suddenly finding explosive release.Ian estimates that he has spent “bloody ages” in art education, having studied for two degrees and one M.A. - although he is quick to point out that this does not entitle him too much, except lavish praise and general elevation. No more - and no less - than any noble creature of earthy rooting, he snaffles and snorts in search of artistic truffles as desire en-flames his bristly skin.